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A consistent
and complementary approach

Virtual stores and drive services are being developed in tandem with stores, based on a simple principle: the various sales channels must mutually fortify each other, providing customers with consistent and straightforward benefits and allowing them to shift easily from one type of store (virtual, real) to another.

The principal mechanisms used in this cross-channel approach include:

• an online selection which expands and supplements the products available in stores for certain product families (multimedia, household appliances, household goods, DIY, etc.);

• sales operations jointly carried out in stores and on e-commerce websites;

• incentives and tools that heighten interest in a cross-channel customer experience, such as online promotions which are valid in stores, installation of in-store terminals, and digital systems used to order certain types of products online, etc.; en ligne certains types de produits, etc ;

• integration of a drive service into stores and shopping centres, making it possible for customers coming to pick up their orders to purchase additional products.

New digital solutions

New digital solutions

Carrefour has also developed a wide range of digital services, primarily in stores, by focusing on their added value to the customer. The services are intended to provide information and advice, make shopping easier and spread information about promotions and events.


Mobile apps for more practical services: an embedded loyalty card that can be used directly at check-out, access to catalogues and current promotions, information on events and animations, store locater, preparation of shopping lists and order placement, customer access to banking and insurance services, etc..


Carrefour is applying QR Code technology to provide traceability. By scanning with their mobile phone, Chinese consumers can access detailed information on the origin of fresh produce from farming cooperatives that have partnered with Carrefour.


On the website “Mon avis le rend gratuit”, volunteer customers register and agree to test, take notes and comment on products that they can collect free of charge at their French hypermarket - limited to four per shopping trolley worth more than €30. A product in exchange for an opinion - an opportunity which has already attracted more than 70,000 active members.


Multiple-use touch screens: gather customer opinions, describe current promotions and offer in-store advice on certain products, such as “wine consultant” tablets in some French supermarkets and product comparison tools in Taiwan.


A digital wall in your hypermarket to view full-size products and order a wide range of large household appliances and televisions. Several hundred additional products within a minimal space, with guaranteed delivery within 48 hours.


A pioneer in the field, Carrefour enables customers at its French integrated hypermarkets and supermarkets to make contact-free payments at check-outs equipped with terminals that accept this technology which is embedded in bank cards and mobile telephones.

The Group continues to develop e-commerce and m-commerce solutions to enable its customers to shop anytime and anywhere, from a laptop computer, a tablet or a smartphone. This digital service is being created based on customer experience, which offers the best understanding of usage and expectations.

Shop online and have it delivered

In some Group countries, e-commerce sites offer food and/or non-food products. These easily accessible “cyber-markets” also have the benefit of quick delivery times and very competitive prices, promotions, and useful tips. In 2013, Carrefour launched an online store in Romania offering 13,000 everyday food products at comparable prices to those found in hypermarkets. Every day in France, the and websites win over more customers seeking bargains and convenience. In addition, consumers can now enjoy easy shopping right from their mobile phone using the applications Carrefour is developing.

Shop online with in-store pick-up

Carrefour is stepping up the expansion of its drive solution, which allows customers to shop online and then pick up their purchases at the nearest store. In France, the Group opened 143 new pick-up locations in 2013, bringing the total to 348, most of them integrated into stores. Customers can also pick up their shopping in under five minutes at four Belgian hypermarkets and at the first Market supermarket to be open 24 hours a day, in Milan, Italy.

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