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Consumer goods

Major brands and the Carrefour brand at a fair price

Carrefour offers a combination of products from major brands and Carrefour brands. What’s more, the Group offers low prices every day and promotions on the products that are popular with customers in all the countries in which it operates.

Customers’ favourite products

Because consumers are often very attached to certain brands, Carrefour prices their favourite products as low as possible, while also offering a wide range of Carrefour-brand products. As drivers of innovation and business growth, national-brand products make the stores dynamic and enjoyable places to shop. Throughout the year, a number of sales initiatives bring excitement to stores along with exclusive promotions on customers’ favourite products.

Products are segmented to meet customers’ essential needs
Carrefour products, which stand for quality and a fair price; BIO for organic products; Baby and Kids for babies and children; and ECOplanet, a product range that testifies to the Group’s commitment to protecting biodiversity and natural resources. Carrefour also develops specialised ranges, such as Viver in Brazil, Reflets de France and Terre d’Italia, and offers products with GMO-free and gluten-free labelling.

Low prices throughout the year
Every day, Carrefour works to guarantee the lowest prices on all of its products. The policy is based on offering everyday low prices and targeted promotions, and developing short supply lines and loyalty rewards.


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