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Non-financial performance: focus on several major Group advances in 2016

The publication of Carrefour’s annual performance is an opportunity, in the same way as our financial results, to present our non-financial performance indicators. A driver of innovation and progress for all Group business lines, in the interests of customers, Corporate Social Responsibility supports Carrefour’s strategy and boosts its global performance.

Non-financial agency ratings improvement
Three of the sector’s leading non-financial ratings agencies - ROBECOSAM, VIGEO EIRIS and CDP - praised the significant improvement in the Group’s non-financial results across all countries included in the analysis, in line with the goals set:  
•    A 5-point improvement in Carrefour’s RobecoSam rating allowed it to enter the DJSI Europe index, 30 points above the sector average, making the company France’s leading retailer in this index.
•    The Group rose 10 points in the Vigeo Eiris rating.  
•    Lastly, the Carbon Disclosure Project analysis confirmed that Carrefour was on track to achieve its CO2 reduction commitments.


A dedicated CSR index to measure action plan progress
The CSR index enables us to continuously measure our non-financial performance by taking into account its specific characteristics. We have set ourselves 16 quantitative goals to measure, as a percentage, the progress made towards implementing action plans on the four pillars of the Group CSR strategy: reducing all forms of wastage, protecting biodiversity, supporting the company’s partners, and social movement and diversity. These goals are set annually, in a global manner, by country, as part of a three-year plan.

Voluntarily setting an internal price for CO2
Carrefour announced the introduction of an internal price on carbon, in each Group country. Carrefour is committed to slashing its co2  emissions by 40% by 2025 and by 70% by 2050 compared to 2010. Through this initiative, the impact of greenhouse gases can be incorporated into investment decision-making processes, and the use of low-carbon technologies - bio, methane, solar and geothermal - can be promoted.
The energy consumption reduction plan is based on the use of four key technologies in all Group stores: cold unit closures, natural fluids to produce refrigeration, LED lighting, and consumption control equipment. For example, around 30% of our stores are equipped with LED lighting, reducing lighting energy consumption by 40% to 80%; Carrefour is the first retailer to take a voluntary approach, boosting the efforts made by all entities to fight global warming.  
Following an initial successful test of natural fluid-based refrigeration in Spain, Carrefour has applied this innovative technology in 348 hypermarkets and supermarkets in nine Group countries. This technology reduces store energy consumption by nearly 20% and enabled us to cut refrigeration CO2 emissions by 27% in 2016.

Carrefour and organic: higher sales and omnichannel approach
Corporate Social Responsibility helps transform our product range by highlighting categories that reflect the changing aspirations of consumers, including Carrefour Quality Lines and organic, fresh, healthy and local products, which are good for the health.
Sales of organic products have increased by 32.2% in one year, and 83% over three years, with sales exceeding one billion euros in 2016.
For Carrefour, the omnichannel approach is an important driver: the takeover of Greenweez, the leading online retailer of organic products with more than 20,000 references, and the opening of new Carrefour Bio stores - 13 in total across France - made Carrefour the leading organic retailer in France in 2016.  

Short distribution channel products in all countries
Several Group countries implemented an SME support plan. These plans take various forms, depending on the country: they might support innovation, access to specific financing, appropriate contract terms or the promotion of local produce in our stores. In France, for example, the sale of local products rose by 2.9% in 2016. The products of more than 5,000 companies are available on our shelves, and they produce a third of the products sold by Carrefour.
Carrefour was the first retailer in the agri-food sector to be presented with the “Responsible supplier relations” label, awarded for three years by the inter-company coordination body of the French Ministry for the Economy and the Compagnie des Dirigeants et Acheteurs de France. This label is awarded by an external assessor for the Group’s responsible practices with respect to food suppliers.  



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