International Partnerships

A first Carrefour Market store in the Ivory Coast


Our partner CFAO is continuing to grow in the Ivory Coast. Following the opening of a first shopping centre incorporating a Carrefour hypermarket in Abidjan in December 2015, a second shopping centre – PlaYce Palmeraie – has just opened and features a Carrefour Market.

The store has a sales area of 2400 sq.m. and stocks a wide selection of local products (sourced from 200 or so local suppliers), as well as Carrefour-brand and national-brand products. Customers can also lunch at the Food Court in one of the shopping centre’s four restaurants before continuing their shopping in its 24 stores.

The Carrefour/CFAO partnership
This partnership began in May 2013 and involves a joint-venture company 55% of which is controlled by CFAO and the remaining 45% by Carrefour. The company operates supermarkets and hypermarkets in PlaYce shopping centres in eight countries throughout the region (Cameroon, Republic of the Congo, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Senegal).
This opening marks another step in a major development plan involving Carrefour, CFAO and other partner brands that will be deployed over the next few years in eight African countries.
Carrefour stores located in PlaYce centres can be of a number of different formats: neighbourhood retailers, supermarkets or hypermarkets.

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