Carrefour features Pinterest pincodes in stores


Carrefour is one of the first retailers in Brazil and Latin America to offer Pinterest interactivity via the Pincode feature, a new service launched last November.Starting this month, four Carrefour stores in São Paulo (SP) offer point-of-sale connectivity allowing shoppers to interact with the content available on their Pinterestpage.

Over 160 Pincode points are located throughout the stores, allowing shoppers to access recipes on the Carrefour Chef Pinterest page.

A Pincode is simply a customized QR Code that shoppers can scan to discover ideas and inspiration for the related products. It couldn't be easier to use: all you have to do is open the Pinterest app on your smartphone and point the in-app camera at the Pincode. No need to take a photo: the content appears instantly.

Every month, over 200 million people all over the world use the tool to find ideas and inspiration for recipes, interiors, fashion etc. Every month, over 200 million people around the world use Pinterest to discover the things they love. According to comScore, in Brazil alone over 19 million unique visitors check Pinterest every month.

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