Carrefour Quality Line oranges grown without synthetic pesticides arrive in Carrefour stores

Les oranges Filières Qualité Carrefour cultivées sans pesticides de synthèse arrivent dans les magasins Carrefour

Restrict the use of pesticides with our producer partners : 

These oranges are produced in Spain and are grown by producers who are committed to preserving the planet's biodiversity and reducing the use of synthetic pesticides. 

A winning recipe to encourage organic pest control:

1 – soil that has been enriched by trace elements, mushrooms and natural substances so that the plant can find what it needs to grow. 

2 – stimulation of natural defences by providing natural substances so the plant is more resistant.

3 – and if needed, the plant can be naturally treated with plant extracts, essential oils or algae extracts, or by introducing insects which eat predators.

Agro-ecological products already available in stores:

– Since 2016, Reflets de France strawberries, grown without synthetic pesticides right from flowering*. Carrefour was awarded the LSA Responsible Purchase price when it launched these strawberries. In 2018, all Reflets de France strawberries will be grown using agro-ecological methods.– Carrefour Quality Line potatoes grown without synthetic pesticides right from when they emerge*,

– Carrefour Quality Line cored oblong tomatoes, grown outdoors without synthetic pesticides starting when they are planted,

– Carrefour Quality Line yellow Charentais melons grown without synthetic pesticides right from when they are planted,

– Carrefour Quality Line kiwis grown without insecticides,

– Carrefour Quality Line Brittany broccoli and deep frozen cauliflower, produced without herbicides,

– Carrefour Quality Line pasta and couscous – made from wheat grown without insecticides from the field to the fork,

– Reflets de France apricots, grown without synthetic pesticides right from the emergence of the fruit.


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