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Carrefour Spain opened the 15th Supeco store


A new Supeco has opened its doors to the public in Leganés. Forty-six people work in the new centre, in addition to which, the company estimates that new store opening has generated indirect employment for over 90 more people in the area. The store offers the most aggressive retail prices for fresh and packaged food products, and has a 96-vehicle outdoor carpark.

Supeco Leganés boasts a 1,575m2 sales area and nine checkout points. The store has uninterrupted opening hours, Monday to Saturday, from 9:00am to 10:00pm and Sundays from 10:00am to 9:00pm, it centres its aggressive sales policy on offering the best price in food products (fresh and packaged), among which, local suppliers play a predominant role. Supeco works with local and regional suppliers to ensure that products arrive “from the field to the table” with the best price on the market.

With over 7,000 references, it also includes a specific product mix for the catering sector.

A “cash and carry” look to reduce costs and offer the lowest price

Aesthetically speaking, Supeco Leganés looks more like a “cash and carry” than a conventional supermarket. And the company has simplified both product packaging and presentation as much as possible, as well as lighting, decoration and furnishings in the store, without neglecting product quality. This means costs can be optimised and the savings made, reinvested in order to offer the best Spanish retail market prices.

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