Carrefour Wine Fair: personalised advice from the new wine chatbot

Carrefour launches a wine shopping chatbot for this autumn's Wine Fair Available on and Facebook Messenger, this new service gives customers personalised recommendations when they are shopping for wine online or making their pre-bookings. Developed in partnership with two start-up companies, this chatbot leverages the very latest developments in artificial intelligence and new ways of using digital technologies to provide an enriched customer experience.   
A "digital wine expert" for more easier shopping
Launched on 28 August with the opening of pre-bookings for the Carrefour Wine Fair, this chatbot provides a brand-new service that customers will be able to access on Carrefour's websites (,,  GrandsVinsPrivé, as well as on Facebook Message, starting on 12 September. A fully-fledged digital wine expert, it talks to customers, asking them questions and giving them several levels of advice. 
"This new shopping assistant helps customers when they are making wine purchases, giving them customised recommendations based on their tastes, or to accompany a particular dish, for example.
 It's a fast and fun conversational aid designed to provide our customers with a new experience", says Thina Cadierno, Head of Customers & Digital Technologies at Carrefour France.  
Online just as in stores 
The wind chatbot will engage in virtual discussions with novices and connoisseurs alike, helping them to refine their choices based on criteria to do with wine type, price and characteristics… as well as when they are planning on enjoying their purchase. This way, discussions are tailored to suit the needs of each and every consumer – from simply pairing a wine with a particular dish to putting together a cellar. 
Developed for multi-channel use, the chatbot can be used to create a digital shopping list and then guide users to stores where the products are available (Carrefour and Carrefour Market), or to Carrefour's e-commerce websites ( and GrandsVinsPrivé  
An application developed in partnership with two French start-up companies 
This chatbot uses the latest developments in data science – particularly artificial intelligence and deep learning. It was designed and developed in partnership with Soyooz and LLC One, two French start-up companies which have successfully combined expertise in wine and conversational intelligence.  
Soyooz specialises in customer relations and develops solutions for providing them with reasoned recommendations, based on their needs – as would an expert or a salesperson. Using artificial intelligence, Soyooz is able to characterise products based on criteria to do with how they are used, instead of technical ones, modelling human expertise.  
LLC One, founded in Paris in 2016, is revolutionising the world of chatbots and voice assistants, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to understand users. With its conversational technology which learns with each interaction, LLC One has already won over a number of major players in California and France. 




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