Carrefour's Management and trade unions have signed two majority agreements about the social support to be provided under its transformation plan


On 23 January, within the framework of the Carrefour 2022 transformation plan, the Group unveiled its proposals for simplifying the way in which its head offices are structured in France. It also expressed its intention to remove some of its convenience stores – former DIA stores – from its perimeter in France. This is because they are structurally loss-making, despite heavy investment.

Negotiations immediately commenced between the Group's Management Department and its trade unions about the various schemes to be put in place for providing employees with social support. These negotiations have resulted in two majority agreements being signed today.

– The first agreement (signed by Force Ouvrière, the CGC and the CFTC) pertains to the Job Protection Plan for the 273 former DIA integrated stores for which no buyers will have been found by the end of June. The system in place is designed to help as many of the employees concerned as possible find employment elsewhere – mainly within the Group. Each will be offered three appropriate job opportunities, at least two of which will be within the Carrefour Group, as close as possible to where they live. They will also get extra individual support from job centres all over France.

– The second agreement (signed by Force Ouvrière, the CFDT, the CGC and the CFTC) pertains to the Voluntary Redundancy Scheme. This is designed to cut some 2400 jobs from the Group's head offices in France. It provides for a support scheme for employees who want to leave the company and work elsewhere – either by securing paid employment with another company or by setting up their own business. It is also an opportunity for employees coming up to the ends of their careers to take early retirement. The financial support to be made available is greater than that provided for by the collective bargaining and company agreements currently in force in the Group.

Both of these agreements are evidence of the desire of both Carrefour's Management and its labour representatives to provide employees with exemplary and balanced social support schemes – with the emphasis placed firmly on getting people back to employment – so the Group can implement its vital transformation plan.

The agreements will be subject to validation by the labour administration so they can be implemented starting 1 July 2018. The schemes for welcoming and supporting employees are already operational.  


Download the press release of the 2018 04 25 (pdf 351.74 KB)

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