Convenience France – a more collaborative style of management with its "Challenge Team"


With the appointment of the "Challenge Team" as part of its Executive Committee, Carrefour Convenience is including employees from the company with a diverse range of backgrounds in order to challenge decisions before they are implemented. The members of this team have also been tasked with passing on ideas and suggestions to the Executive Committee from all employees which might help with new projects, so they benefit from a new, more operational vision.
An initiative designed to encourage managerial innovation
This group is made up of 8 employees – 4 women and 4 men – all from very different backgrounds, illustrating the company's aim for there to be parity right across it. They have been selected on the basis of their potential and their ability to think outside the box and to project themselves into the world of tomorrow. The purpose of this managerial innovation is to encourage and establish dialogue, ensuring that employees and collaborative work are central to the retailer's strategic aims. The group will work autonomously on a range of different projects. Its first challenge will be to implement the business plan and its strategy, ensuring that all of the company's employees are able to appropriate it.
Carrefour, a responsible and committed human resources policy

Carrefour is France's leading private employer. With 115,000 employees and 42,000 people hired per year – of which 11,000 are given permanent contracts, 25,000 are taken on as seasonal workers and 5500 are employed on block-release training contracts – Carrefour has made diversity, equal opportunities and new HR models its priorities. And this new innovative initiative falls very much within this framework, with a more agile and participatory approach to decision-making.


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