International Women’s Day


With nearly 380,000 employees throughout the world, Carrefour supports their professional development within the Group all year round and attaches particular importance to the role that women – who make up nearly 60% of its staff – play within the company.  On 8 March this year, Carrefour is spearheading numerous initiatives across the Group to celebrate equality, all of which are being enthusiastically implemented.

Promoting gender equality at all levels of the company and across all professions
15.5% increase in the numbers of women in managerial roles since 2011

Carrefour supports the professional development of its employees and attaches particular importance to the role that women – who make up 57.6% of its staff – play within the company. In a bid to help them get promoted to senior management level, Carrefour launched the "Women Leaders" programme in 2011. While encapsulating the joint ambition that is shared by all the countries in which the Group operates, this programme is also tailored to cater to specific local situations, encouraging people to share examples of best practice. These initiatives have a tangible impact: there has been a 15.5% increase in the numbers of women in managerial roles – they now account for 40.4% of the Group's management. And women make up 42% of the Board of Directors.

The Women Leaders programme is implemented on various fronts in each of the Group's countries with the support of UN Women, with mentoring schemes in France, Italy and Argentina, and the appointment of careers committees whose job is to identify female talent. It has also set up women's networks (France and Italy, Brazil) and company nurseries, as well as providing women with support when they return from maternity leave and extending paternity leave (Argentina).

By 2025, Carrefour would like 40% of the company's key positions to be held by women.

Carrefour is moving closer to gender equality – the figures speak for themselves
> more than 40.4% of managerial roles are held by women
15.5% increase on 2011 (the year the "Women Leaders" programme was launched)
> more than 17% of senior managers are women
(as opposed to 11% in 2011)
> more than 42% of the Board of Directors are women
(as opposed to 23% in 2016)

Supporting vulnerable women and helping them get jobs  

Working alongside UN Women France that Carrefour has been partnering since 2013, Carrefour has published a guide to preventing violence against women. Some 24,000 copies have been produced in order to raise awareness, inform and support victims. It is also intended to enable managers to direct victims of violence to appropriate bodies in both the charity and public sectors. Carrefour is also committed to helping women who are victims of domestic violence get jobs through an agreement that it has signed in southern France. In Romania, a similar scheme which began in 2016 has already helped several women who have suffered domestic violence to find jobs at Carrefour.

Outside France, Carrefour is also involved in initiatives to eliminate violence against women. Working with both UN Women and a number of other local NGOs, Carrefour has set up awareness-raising and prevention campaigns in Spain, Italy, Romania and Argentina where, for example, a "gender-based violence committee" and 200 store managers and directors have been trained so they can identify instances of violence and provide the victims with support.

8 March 2018: nearly 50 initiatives simultaneously implemented throughout the world

Carrefour China will mark the day with activities to do with well-being and self-esteem. The day will feature a series of conferences on preventing breast cancer and promoting women's rights. In Taiwan, each female employee will be given a flower by the CEO of Carrefour Taiwan. This will be followed the teams coming together for an address all about careers for women.  

In Romania, Carrefour will hold a sale of artisan products, the proceeds of which will go to welcome centres for women who are victims of violence. Well-being activities with relaxation and massage workshops will also be on offer, and flowers will be given to women at the head offices and to women working at checkouts in stores.

In France, Marie Cheval will share her experience of being a woman leader with employees and will engage in discussions with the teams about Carrefour's digital strategy. There will also be a screening of the Des Femmes et des Hommes (“Women and Men”) documentary. The film, presented to the United Nations, is supported by the NGO Projet Imagine, which strives to bring about gender equality throughout the world.

In Italy, Carrefour is joining forces with WeWorld Onlus, an association committed to defending women's and children's rights through a partnership. To raise employees' awareness of professional gender equality issues as widely as possible, Carrefour Belgium will be showing the anthology video of the Women Leaders & Diversity Convention.

Now onto a different continent and hemisphere! Carrefour Brazil will be playing its part by launching a national awareness-raising campaign about domestic violence with the local UN Women committee and the Maria da Penha Institute, an association to which Carrefour will be donating all proceeds from baguettes sold in stores on the day. Their motto: “Alimente o respeito” (feed respect) At the same time, Carrefour Argentina's teams will be invited by the CEO for the country, to write their wishes for breaking down gender stereotypes in the corporate world on balloons.


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