Long live diversity at Carrefour!


Diversity at Carrefour is not just a word: it is a set of concrete initiatives designed to promote equal opportunities, and the inclusion of different people from a range of different careers and backgrounds. Carrefour made a commitment to promote diversity very early on, signing an initial charter in 2004.  Since then, at both global and local levels, new commitments have been shoring up our targets every year, ensuring that diversity is a key feature of all of the company's professions and at all levels.  

On 30 June, for the second year running, Carrefour organised a major day all about diversity, with events in its stores, warehouses and head offices.  Each country took part its own way and depending on their local issues, sharing the progress they had made in promoting diversity. The day featured a whole programme of events, conferences and awareness-raising sessions. Tackling received wisdom and breaking down stereotypes in the company was a common theme, with events held in all of the group's languages!

A few of the operations and initiatives that featured on 30 June
Posters designed to encourage people to break down stereotypes were widely distributed. These were in line with the group's desire to combat all types of prejudice and stereotypes about women, men, young people, old people, people with disabilities, people from different cultures, etc. 

Inspirational people came to talk to Carrefour employees: Virginie Guyot – leader of France's illustrious Patrouille de France (the French Air Force's precision aerobatic demonstration team) at the Group's headquarters, Veronica Gonzalez in Argentina – the only visually-impaired television journalist, and Krzysztof Ignaczak – volleyball champion –, Katarzyna Bosacka – gastronomic journalist – and politically committed Artur Barciś, who all talked to teams in Poland.  

Various associations and stakeholders all enthusiastically joined forces with Carrefour for the event, such as in Spain where a major conference was held during which employees were also invited to participate.
The day featured numerous events: Theatre and simulations in France, magic performed by an amazing duo in Argentina, a choir made up of both able-bodied and disabled people, cooking workshops for people with disabilities in France, events in China, a concert in Italy, etc.

Workshops about representations and stereotypes were held in stores, together with several practical courses: for example, at Atacadao in Brazil, 4000 people received training. People also received training in Romania and Taiwan in initiatives which also involved customers to our stores.

Teams took part in competitions in Poland and Brazil, where diversity was celebrated for a whole week!

These awareness-raising operations were also deployed in a number of stores, where customers were invited to take part and find out about various initiatives, piquing their interest.

And the discussion was in full swing with the involvement of the social networks, helping to get the conversation going right across the board!

Well done to our teams!

So what exactly is diversity at Carrefour?
It's a whole programme of commitments and initiatives out in the field in 3 areas:
•    Increasing gender equality between men and women
•    Getting people with disabilities into jobs and keeping them in jobs – regardless of the nature of their disabilities
•    Getting young people into employment and people who have difficulty finding work
Fundamentally, it involves recognising, supporting and giving consideration to people – employees and potential employees – in all their diversity and irrespective of their differences in terms of age, gender, disability, training, professional experience, opinions, etc.  Tackling discrimination is – needless to say – a priority – and striving to break down stereotypes is something we do on an ongoing basis

And where have we got to with all of this?

A balanced gender mix at all levels of the company and across all professions:
10.7% increase in women in managerial roles since 2011 – women now account for 39.2% of management
The importance of women in management positions is increasing regularly.

Disability, inclusion and keeping people in employment:
28% more employees with disabilities working at Carrefour since 2011, and an increase of 8.3% between 2015 and 2016.
To be more precise, this meant 12,203 people in 2016. A significant number.

Getting people who have difficulty finding work into employment, particularly young people:
34% of Carrefour's employees are under the age of 30 – that's 130,500 people – and Carrefour supports employment of young people from all backgrounds, with or without qualifications.


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