Third edition of the “Lance-toi et crée ton truc” (Go ahead and create your thing) competition, 20 talented young people embark on an entrepreneurial adventure


After a competition lasting more than three months, the "Lance-toi et crée ton truc" initiative ended on 29 June with 20 young entrepreneurs rewarded in recognition of their projects to do with “Better Living" and “Better Eating". The winners received grants ranging from €5000 to €20,000 in the final – a fully-fledged springboard for these talented young people of the future who Carrefour will be supporting as they get their projects off the ground.
A major final rewarding 20 innovative projects
As part of this third edition launched in March, 183 applications were submitted. Then on 29 June, the winning candidates were announced at the competition final.
The panel, chaired by Alain Rabec, Executive Director for Carrefour Hypermarkets and made up of prominent figures from both within and outside the company (including Nicolas Bergerault, managing director of Atelier des Chefs and Adrien Labastire, founder of Golden Moustache), announced the winners, and awarded grants ranging from €5000 to €20,000 for the two overall winners:

At the top of the podium:
-    In the "Better Living" category, Silver In Touch, a social platform designed to enable senior citizens (or "Silvers") to post their requirements for services to which "Juniors" (students) can submit responses (shopping, housework, post, cooking, gardening, etc.)
-    In the "Better Eating" category, CarréLéon, a brand of cooking ingredient which is revolutionising cooking. These little blocks of vegetables and vegetable fat contain no artificial flavours, colouring agents, added salt or any other additives. They will enhance your everyday meals.

The following also received awards:
-    In the "Better Living" category: Hackmanity, Hindesy and Nin’s guide, etc.
-    In the "Better Eating" category: Fruits de terre, Spinéo and Du sol au sabot, etc.
Complete information about all the prizewinners and participants can be found at
The entrepreneurial adventure continues
The initiative serves as a fully-fledged springboard for young entrepreneurs, and the 20 finalists will get financial support from Carrefour to help them get their projects about the food of the future off the ground. By holding this competition, Carrefour encourages talented young people to set up their own companies and settle on a vocation for themselves.
Previous prizewinners: what are they doing now?
2016: Luv Valecha launched TrueSpirit, a portable system so that winegrowers can analyse their wine in real time, directly on site. Thanks to this innovation, 10 minutes and just a drop of wine are all that are needed to get results and monitor the quality of one's wine. The project is currently being incubated at Station F, the world's biggest start-up campus.
2015: Sophie Hombert developed her start-up Aglaé which has developed a nutritional serum to feed plants, as well rendering their flowers luminescent. She has now launched her e-commerce site and provides services for events.


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