Appointment of Marie Cheval as Executive Director for Hypermarkets France


Marie Cheval, currently the Executive Director for E-Commerce, Services and Digital Transformation, is appointed Executive Director for Hypermarkets France. Marie Cheval will notably be responsible for bringing the transformation of the operational and commercial model of the hypermarket business, which is a major challenge for the success of the Carrefour’s Transformation Plan. She succeeds Alain Rabec, who has decided to leave the Group.

Marie Cheval retains the supervision of financial services, for which she will continue to provide the Group with her recognized expertise in this area. As such, she will remain a member of the Group’s Executive Committee.

Enrique Garcia Lopez is appointed Executive Director for E-commerce and Digital Transformation for France, member of the Carrefour France’s Executive Committee.

The replacement of Marie Cheval as the Director of Customers and Group Digital Transformation will be the subject of an upcoming communication. In the meantime, she will provide the transitional supervision of these activities. The work we have accomplished over the past year has allowed Carrefour to accelerate its development in e-commerce and to progress on the path of digitization and omnichannel retail. This dynamic of transformation and growth, to which the group is committed, is more than ever essential for the future of Carrefour.

Download the appointment release of the 2018 09 14 (pdf 509.8 KB)

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