Supporting animal welfare


Carrefour would like to have regulations and additional criteria applied for animal welfare. Since 2008, Welfarm, the international farm animal protection NGO, has been working closely alongside Carrefour to help it more effectively integrate animal welfare into its practices. In partnership with its suppliers, the Group is developing pilot lines which support livestock breeders which implement best practices, particularly in relation to its Carrefour Quality Lines.
To support these production methods, Carrefour has model contracts which are tailored to the specific needs of these lines: commitment to a term of several years, to certain volumes, to certain prices, etc.

The Group's policy is underpinned by two commitments which can be assessed by its customers and stakeholders:
1.     support the development of alternative production methods in those lines where they are either non-existent or insufficient;
2.     define animal protection progress plans, from birth right through to the slaughterhouse, for use with all production methods – be they standard or alternative.

A desire on the part of the Group to:
▪    enter into constructive dialogue with producers and animal rights organisations;
▪    recognise producers which adopt a positive “animal welfare” approach;
▪    help inform and train everyone involved in the production line – livestock farmers, slaughterhouse workers, shippers and butchers;
▪    inform consumers about the origins and methods used to make products, and about the specific features and added value of products made with animal welfare in mind.


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