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Human rights

Protection of the human rights


The Carrefour group has made a commitment to respect, and ensure that others respect, human rights throughout its supply chain. This  is involves monitoring respect for the core principles of the ILO and requires high standards of transparency and ethical conduct, both of which are central to its strategy. The policy applies to all Carrefour product suppliers. The commitment is expressed through the establishment of a tracking and monitoring methodology and a partnership with the FIDH (international federation for human rights).

Some examples of our actions:

Carrefour social and ethical charter

Carrefour asks all its own-brand product suppliers to sign its Social and Ethical Charter and to make a commitment to ensuring compliance with the charter at their factories. The principles of the charter are shared by numerous other international brands and are based on international human rights standards. It consists of seven sections:

  • Ban on forced, bonded, indentured and prison labour.
  • Ban on child labour.
  • Freedom of association and e" ective recognition of the right to collective bargaining.
  • Ban on discrimination, harassment and abuse.
  • Health and safety.
  • Decent wages, bene! ts and terms of employment.
  • Working hours.

Monitoring social working conditions in manufacturing

Compliance with the principles of the Social and Ethical Charter is checked in countries viewed as sensitive. These initial social audits determine the commercial relationship between Carrefour and a production site. The Carrefour group then supports its suppliers in implementing corrective action plans, monitoring audits and awareness-raising operations and cooperates, where appropriate, with local NGOs, trade unions, federations and businesses facing similar problems.

=> 1 333 Social audits in 2013

Specially designed training courses for our suppliers

Carrefour has produced five films on workers’ rights and responsibilities, which will be used to support training for employees in factories in southern India. The Group is also raising awareness amongst trainers and measuring the effectiveness of the training run for workers in order to ensure optimal use of its educational materials. The initiative is the result of Carrefour’s collaboration with local community organisations and large businesses aiming to improve social conditions in the textile industry in Bangladesh, India and China.

In the same vein, Carrefour and 18 international groups have instigated a plan to raise awareness about fire safety rules in Bangladesh, recognising that this has been a major source of risk for the country in recent times. Two films have been produced. The one aimed at workers is about developing the right instincts, whilst the other, targeted at management, sets out in details the measures that need to be taken to keep everyone safe.


Download our Social and Ethical Charter (pdf 3.29 MB)

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