The Women Leaders programme

Actively seeking to develop the role that women play in the company


The Women Leaders programme was launched in 2011 as a means of realising the Carrefour Group’s aims in terms of gender diversity. It operates in four main areas:
-    Each country defining its own objectives
-    Raising the visibility of women by promoting their various successes
-    Establishing gender diversity at the centre of career plan decisions
-    Promoting a healthy work/home life balance

A number of concrete initiatives are already underway. Examples include: communication and awareness-raising initiatives in all countries, campaigns to proactively recruit women managers in Argentina, spotlighting women's careers in Argentina, Spain, France and Romania, the launch of the "Women Leaders" intranet site and organising a special day about the role of women in the company for members of the Carrefour European Committee.

This programm has been awarded by Arborus (the first endowment fund set up to support gender quality in the workplace).

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